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bestsellers, no fellas

We exist bc equality doesn’t (and we stan women writers)

Aphra is disrupting the pale and stale book industry: she’s a platform for underrepresented woman and NB writers, and a safe space for women and NB folk to meet, connect and read together.

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our new chapter

hey, weren’t you Books That Matter?

yes! for six years we existed as BTM, and offered a monthly book subscription box. lots of things have changed since we launched in 2018, and in summer 2023 we had a glow up.

we rebranded to Aphra and shifted our business to focus on our bookshop (come visit us in bristol!) and more opportunities for book lovers to connect (helloooo author events!)

her legacy, our books, your story

why Aphra?

our name is an homage to the OG woman to earn a living from writing in English: Aphra Behn. a bi feminist icon, we’re proud to share her name and shout out the women who came before us. their legacy motivates us to keep telling (+ reading) their stories.

as our gal Virginia Woolf said: ‘all women together ought to let flowers fall upon the tomb of Aphra Behn, for it was she who earned them the right to speak their minds.’

we hope we do Aphra, Virginia, and all the women and NB writers before us proud.

Customer Reviews

“I’ve been getting the Aphra Book Club boxes for a year now and I love them! The boxes are always wonderfully crafted and I enjoy being introduced to feminist titles I might not necessarily pick up on my own. Every time I’ve had a question customer service has been amazing. I recommend this book box subscription service to everyone!”
“I’ve watched this beautiful company blossom into what it is today and I couldn’t be happier with what it’s become! I especially can’t wait to get my teeth into this month’s book!”
“Love love love this book subscription! It’s beautifully packaged and has lots of lovely ethically sourced items inside – perfect gift for someone and I’m so glad I’ve got it!”
“This is the loveliest subscription box I have received to date. So important, and so cute! You won’t be disappointed! Plus, they ship internationally! It only took 7 days to get to me (US) from the UK!”